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On Budget!
        How many times have you asked the designers how much it costs to build a web page?                                             How much time do you invest in asking?                                                  How much money do you lose getting different results than you expected?

Antares.land changes the way you buy the design of a web page, by setting the prices and clear guidelines in advance so that you as a customer can obtain a detailed control of your budget and the deliveries you receive.
Pricing Upfront
You know how much to pay and what to receive upfront, drastically reducing uncertainty and financial risk and providing you with a crystal clear spec of deliveries.
Detailed Control
Do you need to build a website? Just pick up a Home, Contact and About structure (or any other section you may need) and we will make it yours with custom design and content.
From Start to Finish
Pick up to receive just graphic design assets, or a fully working website. Perhaps just the HTML? Or needing a suite of web pages for your next UnBounce campaign? We can take care of the entire process.

Ready to try?

Pick up the structure you want to be used as guideline and we will make it yours with custom design and content.
Are you a highly skilled designer?
Join us!
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